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blytonslash's Journal

Enid Blyton Slash
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Co-owners: samenashi and playboy_firenze. Worship them, and give them toffee shocks. Lots and lots of toffee shocks.
alicia/betty, alison/angela, anne/aunt fanny, anne/george, anne/julian, bill/clarissa, bill/thunder, carlotta/terry, cherry tree farm, dame washalot/silky, dame washalot/the white prophet, darrell/mary lou, darrell/sally, dick/sooty, fanny/connie, fatty/buster, fatty/goon, fatty/pip, femslash, george/dick, george/timmy, george/uncle quentin, gingerbeer, gnid blyton, gwendoline mary/alicia, gwendoline mary/darrell, ingots, irene/belinda, janet/bobby, joan/aunt fanny, jock/dick, jock/dick/julian, jock/julian, julian/dick, julian/dick/sooty, kirrin cottage, kirrin island, lacrosse changerooms, mam'zelle/mrs. theobald, matron/mam'zelle, mirabel/gladys, miss grayling/darrell, miss grayling/miss potts, moonface/saucepan man, mr galliano's circus, mr galliano/jimmy, mr. pinkwhistle, pat/isobel, saucepan man/angry pixie, silky/connie, slash, smugglers top, sucking lemons, tammylan/scamper, the famous five, the faraway tree, the secret seven, the slippery slip, toffee shocks, uncle quentin/mr. lenoir