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Enid Blyton Slash's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Enid Blyton Slash

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Famous Five femslash story: George/OFC [06 Jan 2008|05:48pm]

Title: Sinews of thy Heart
Author: chansondouce
Pairing: George/OFC
Rating: R
Archive: Anywhere
Warnings: Do not read if homosexuality bothers you. The girls are 15 going on 16.
Feedback: Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome and will be replied to as soon as possible.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. My only creation is my original female character.
Summary: George meets a new type of girl, and is changed forever.
Notes: Title comes from a poem --

"And what shoulders, and what art
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?"
("The Tyger", William Blake)

Read MoreCollapse )
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[09 Jun 2007|03:43pm]

'Secrets' Series - Enid Blyton
Jack/Prince Paul
450ish words
warning of dubious consent

“It seems unfair,” said Prince Paul thoughtfully, “that Peggy has to sleep next door all on her own whilst Mike and Nora are away. It would be better if we could all share one room.”

Jack laughed.

“They wouldn’t allow that. Peggy’s a girl.”

“I know. I’m not ignorant. But I don’t see why that would stop her sharing a room with us.”

“We might be overtaken by our animal desires,” said Jack cynically.


Paul looked shocked, as if Jack had said something that had never occurred to him before.

“Really, Paul, you can’t be that innocent. They’re trying to protect Peggy’s virtue. Ours too, of course, but mainly hers.” He smiled sardonically. “What they don’t seem to realise, of course, is that it doesn’t have to be a girl who turns you on.”

“What do you mean?” asked Paul, hoping that he had misunderstood.

But there was little room for misunderstanding in the look that Jack was giving Prince Paul now. His eyes were darkened with desire.

“I’ve always been frustrated that Mike’s had to share my room. Now it’s just you and me, which is far better. I’ve nothing against Mike – he’s like a brother to me – but you…” He trailed off.

“I don’t understand.”

“Paul, Paul, you can’t tell me you’ve never been tempted. What do you think about as you bring yourself off? Have you ever wondered what it might feel like if… someone else did it?”

Paul was shaking his head – no, no - but Jack was taller than him, bigger than him in every way; and he was standing too close. He felt Jack’s hand on his shoulder, pulling him closer still.

“You don’t mean this, Jack. You don’t mean this.” Paul wondered if Ranni, or one of his other bodyguards, would come if he yelled. But what would he say to them if they did come?

“I do. Believe me, I do.”

Jack’s hands were creeping lower, and Paul could feel his body responding, however much he desperately wanted it not to. Jack kissed his mouth firmly, and Paul found his lips parted in half-surprise; but this seemed to be what Jack wanted, for his tongue was now inside Paul’s mouth, and the bad thing was how good it felt.

“That’s right, Paul,” murmured Jack. “You know you’ve wanted this…”

He continued to stroke and touch Paul until the younger boy was panting against his shoulder; and then, as Paul came, breathlessly, Jack moved away, his laugh somewhat shaky.

“You see?” Jack said softly. “It wasn’t so bad, after all.”
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[26 Jun 2005|06:24pm]


Any slash or femslash pairing is welcomed in any fandom. It is het-repellant by my its very nature.

There will be regular challenges to get your creative..err..juices flowing.

Come and Join.
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[26 Apr 2005|05:00pm]

Im pimping this out for a good friend, who pimps me out on a regular basis.


It'll probably be good, she's cool but this is her first community so if people dont join she may cry and get low self-esteem which could lead her to stay in an unsatisfying marrige for many years before freaking out and being sent to a ment institution... i'm just guessing.

O.k. Friendidh duty done, can i return to equal oppourtunity mockery now?
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Something new [13 Mar 2005|12:57am]

It seems this place hasn't seen action in quite a while.

Never mind; here is something to revive it, crossposted from my journal, un-beta-tested, because I am feeling daring (reckless?).

Title: Lacrosse Sticks and Lurking Secrets
Author: Pathology Doc
Fandom: Malory Towers
Pairing: Molly Ronaldson/Darrell Rivers... sort of. Implied Molly/others.
Rating: Somewhere between PG and M15
Warnings: Implied f/f slash. Older girl/younger girl, power/relationship themes. Nothing actually happens. Not "chan" by any stretch of the imagination.
Summary: Molly Ronaldson, games captain and schoolgirl idol, reflects on the problems that come with positions of power.

Click here to lurk.Collapse )
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Malory Towers femmeslash [14 Jun 2003|02:04am]

[ mood | creative ]

Bill/Clarissa, very innocent and G-rated.

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Blatant self-promo [17 Apr 2003|02:58pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Enid Blyton Twins at St Clare's femmeslash - Alison/Angela. Feedback greatly appreciated.

China Dolls

XX Kanna

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[01 Jan 2003|03:08pm]

[ mood | unclean ]

shudder* it’s George/Timmy, with George/Anne hints and plotholes. For Katie, for Christmas. Better late than never… but excuse me, I have to go have a shower. I feel so… unclean.

Katie's Late Xmas PresentCollapse )

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ff.net [27 Dec 2002|01:04am]

Just a suggestion, to those of you feeling energetic - I'd love it if a couple of people would email ff.net at newcategory@fanfiction.net to suggest an Enid Blyton category. Losing fics in Books/Misc is rather a pain, whether you're posting or looking.
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Fic announce [27 Dec 2002|01:02am]

[ mood | productive ]

Rumour Chain. Sally/Darrell, Bill/Clarissa. (Malory Towers.)

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Wings [04 Dec 2002|09:09pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Wings (Dedicated to Katie and Sam, with a "told you so")

It was… unusual.

Peter and Molly never guessed, of course. They were only children, after all. So he left them to their daily lives; whether boarding school, tea with their Mother and Father, errands, parties, or just something else that left Chinky and the Chair in their own company. Just a pixie and a chair with wings.

Those red wings. Oh those red wings.

The children seem to think he is sad, when he is left to be his solitary self in the playroom. Quite the contrary; this gives Chinky some free time. Molly, always the sensitive one, had seemed guilty about leaving Chinky behind. She had appointed him as the guardian of the chair; as such, he must stay in the playroom with it at all times, and if it grows its wings (its deliciously red wings) he must not, no matter what, allow it to fly off.

This was fine by Chinky.

There was that one time, however, when Peter had almost walked in on him. On them. He had, apparently, been coming back to the playroom for something he had left behind, and all parties involved had been quite surprised when he burst through the door. Chinky had placated him easily enough; protesting that the Chair had grown its wings and, quite mischievously, tried to fly off with him. Peter, innocence incarnate in his school things, had nodded amiably and agreed.

From then on, Chinky and the Chair swore to each other they couldn’t let the children know about what they did together. About the nights in the playroom when everyone was tucked safely into their beds, and Chinky and the Chair were free to explore each other. About his times alone at his mother’s house – with a bed, no less, not that it did any good what with the chair and all – when those cherry red wings had fluttered over Chinky’s naked body in an entirely provocative manner.

If the Chair had been a woman, Chinky liked to think the wings would have been transformed into luscious red lips, lips to kiss with, lips to lick with, lips to suck with. Of course, the Chair wasn’t even a person, it was a chair; and Chinky suspected it was male, anyway. But even without red lips, the Chair could still make him groan in frustration and pleasure.

It was playful, for a Chair. Molly had said so once, although she was rather annoyed with it at the time; it had just got itself stuck in a chimney, after all. When Chinky said it, he meant it in an entirely different way. He meant the way the Chair rubbed against him until he screamed. He meant the way the fragile wings crushed against his arse as the legs drove into him. He meant the way it flew up into the air, as though it, too, was capable of those orgasmic heights Chinky reached when they were together; raised itself up in the air as he rubbed himself with tiny, strong hands and dangled listlessly over the armrests.

Sometimes he fell, like he had once before. He was beginning to like the pain; he no longer bothered with such tricks as turning himself into a snowflake. Instead he would fall to the floor, groaning, and the Chair would land on him and in a seemingly never-ending cycle it would begin again.

No-one knew. No-one knew about the heights he could reach, even when out on an ordinary adventure with Molly and Peter. Sometimes, when he and the chair were together…

Sometimes he felt that he, too, had wings.

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Bill/Clarissa [01 Dec 2002|12:28am]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Sweet and fluffy, Bill/Clarissa, set sometime during Last Term at Malory Towers. Review, and I'll love you for it. Doesn't get more shamelessly attention-seeking than that...

Amazing and Interesting

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[24 Nov 2002|07:36pm]


Which do people prefer?

Malory Towers, or St. Clares?
Famous Five, or Secret Seven?

Favourite Blyton book/s ever?

Favourite character/s?

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Hum. [02 Nov 2002|08:30pm]

Check out the background. I'm like, MaJoRLy tALenTeD. I've got the talent.
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Julian/Anne [27 Oct 2002|04:03pm]

I deleted this. :|
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Darrell/Sally. [26 Oct 2002|08:20pm]

So. 'Cause I'm re-reading Malory Towers, yet again, and because I was a little bored, here's some Blyton Slash. Namely, Darrell/Sally, set in 'Second Year At Malory Towers', around the middle, when Alicia's being nasty to Sally.

Theme song thing: 'I Want You To Want Me' xx Letters To Cleo.

Un-betaed and stuff.

Darrell/SallyCollapse )
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George/Dick... [23 Oct 2002|10:33pm]

[ mood | silly ]

...Are they slash? I mean, alright, George is technically a girl. But she's in major denial. She thinks she's a boy. Does that, therefore, make her a boy?

Perhaps not. But it's a nice thought, I suppose.

Poor George and his/her gender issues.

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mAn. [23 Oct 2002|10:03pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This is really something super-awesome. I mean, swell. Let's go drink some gingerbeer, eat some toffee shocks and poke our heads through the hole at the top of the tree.


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